Specialty Drinks & Martinis


"Make me something special" martini

raspberry vodka ◦ chambord ◦  triple sec ◦ pineapple juice 

Thyme² Pear Cosmopolitan

absolut pear vodka ◦ triple sec ◦ rose’s lime ◦ white cranberry juice

Thyme Cocktail

gin ◦ raspberry liquor ◦ lime juice ginger ale ◦ lime garnish

Summer Breeze cocktail

moscato wine over ice ◦ splashes of peach and citrus vodka ◦ soda water 

Campfire Manhattan

jim beam bourbon ◦ house smoked sweet vermouth ◦ cherry bitters


Dirty Gerti returns 

absolute peppar vodka ° splash of Tabasco ° splash of dry vermouth ° clamato juice 

Grapefruit Thyme Martini

grapefruit vodka ◦ thyme infused simple syrup ◦  pama liquor ◦ grapefruit juice

Smashed Orange Martini

orange vodka ◦ muddled fresh orange ◦ triple sec ◦ white cranberry juice

Sangria Chill

red wine ◦ brandy ◦ triple sec ° citrus fruit ° served over ice w/ splash of 7up  

Key Lime Martini

vanilla vodka ◦ fresh lime juice ◦ cream de cacao ◦ simple syrup ◦ pineapple  juice